Customized Software Solutions

With its expert know-how of processes across different industries, Maestrotek is well-equipped to develop Customised software for its customers in the latest technologies. By developing proprietary/patented software for their customers, Maestrotek helps machine manufacturers enjoy excellent process optimization and control as against standardized software. This enables customers to do things their way and win an edge in the market.

  • Dedicated and independent software team
  • Helps OEM to define his own set of ergonomics
  • Wide spread availability of software platforms to choose from.
  • Data accessibility for cloud solution.
  • ASP .net, VB, C#, Global Database Std.
  • Reporting
  • Android/iOS
  • HTML5
  • Cloud solution
  • Analytics
  • WPF, ActiveX, DLL Development

Key Features

Offers Advanced software technology


Latest ergonomics


  • Connectivity with all energy meters
  • Load consumption analysis
  • Demand forecasting
  • Load management
  • Analytical reporting
  • Support for MODBUS RTU, TCP, IEC 62056/DLMS, Profinet
  • Communication with devices over BACNET,LONWORKS, MODBUS, Profinet, OPC.
  • HVAC control and visualization
  • Elevator monitoring interface
  • Fire System interface
  • Lighting control
  • Scheduling function
  • Security solution
Customised applications
  • Specialized reporting for surface finishing plant.
  • Polar plot ActiveX development for plastic industry.
  • Image processing application for pharmaceutical industry
  • Offers unique Customised features as per application demand.
  • Customised ergonomics and Proprietary Signature
  • Integration possibilities with dedicated hardware.
  • Can assign with latest software technologies.

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